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Peterborough City Church is a multicultural church who have been involved in both local and overseas missions for many years. Our core purpose is to support the empowered missionaries through both financial and physical support and prayer. The Elim movement supports missionaries in nearly 50 countries. Every support we give, makes a difference. Our calling is to ‘receive power through the Holy Spirit and be His witnesses to the ends of the earth’ Acts 1:8. We value those who have been called and anointed to surrender to the will of the Father, to take up their cross, and to follow Him. For some the calling is to go out into world missions, for others, they are called to the local mission field. As a church, we are committed to support both world and local missions, and to be led by the Holy Spirit in choosing how we can best impact communities and support fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Meet The Team

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David Coleman

Heart for missions

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Rachel Patterson

Deacon and works with Hope Into Action.

''I have a heart for mission because it demonstrates God's love in a very practical way... Jesus showed compassion and I believe we are called to do the same and can do that by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless and caring for the poor. Mission is global and local and can even be very personal, a warm smile, a word of encouragement, a cup of tea or a hot meal... this too is mission.

I work for Hope into Action UK and we work in partnership with churches to house the homeless. In Peterborough we have 17 houses housing single men, women and families too. I am delighted that Peterborough City Church is one of our church partners!''

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Pastor Phil

Has a heart for missions and has been on many missions trips over the last 20 years.

Small Strokes

Sue Mason

Manager Hope for the Action.  Sue regularly travels to Africa to work with the widows.

Small Strokes

Norma Slaughter

A director for Hope for the Nations concerning Africa.  She has a heart to see them educated, trained and into work.  She also helps in the Garden House.





(Hope For The Nations)

Margaret's well


Garden House

Hope Into Action



Elim missions exits to stand with the sending church, support the empowered missionary and to surrender to the Spirit. Our Core Purpose is to release and equip the local church to transform lives, communities and nations with the love of Christ. Birthed in the spirit of evangelism and church planting, we are part of the Elim Pentecostal Church in the UK and we are active in nearly 50 countries. 


The Elim Missions team are a group working tirelessly to see the local church fulfil the Great Commission.

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